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Five women, trapped by duty, fighting to survive...

Gentle Ingrid puts her life at risk when she tries to save
her beloved daughter from her husband’s zealous beliefs.

Liesel, a lesbian, marries a gay man in hopes that they
can feign the ideal marriage and, in doing so, protect

each other from persecution.


Lovesick Greta, spurned by Liesel and lost, joins the

Resistance, then disappears.


Gisela, a prostitute once contentedly in control of her
own destiny, is incarcerated at Ravensbrück, where she
must fight for a future she cannot yet imagine.

While Lore, craving a life beyond Berlin, wifedom and
motherhood, steps down a dark and dangerous path.

Exploring themes of motherhood, identity, trauma,
fascism, and survival, Fragments of a Woman offers a
nuanced and heartbreaking exploration of what it meant
to be a woman living under National Socialist rule.

Fragments of a Woman

Thank you for pre-ordering Fragments of a Woman. The novel publishes on June 1st. You will receive your copy/copies then.
  • B format paperback

    ISBN: 978-1-9163986-6-5

    Price: £8.99 

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